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i-School is a very user friendly internet-application, accessible from every workstation (Windows PC or Portable, Mac, i-Pad or any other tablet, pc or smartphone,...) that has a browser and internetconnection. Meaning: no more timetaking local instals, no more upgrades and best of all: no more backups.

Both software as stored data are stored in one of the best secured datacenters of Belgium, the NetCenter of Belgacom in Evere. Our systems are being monitored 24/7 so we can insure an availability that approaches a 100%.

You can decide yourself for what purposes and where you wish to access i-School. This is why the software is armed with a flexible configuration-module, leading to an easy way to create services or activities that can be put available to different target audiences. (Youth, Sport, Culture).

The end user (here the civilian) can use a user-id and password get access to the i-School portal using a link on the school or government's webpage. There will he/she find a calendar with a custom offer. It is stated if you have to enlist for the offer or not. Enlisting (and cancellation if necessary) is managed with a simple click. When booking an activity that has a set price, the opportunity excists to pay online.

Granting access to the i-School portal can happend in two ways:

  • The potential user registers online using the public registerwebpage. The registerprocedure is registered in deliberation with the costumor. It is possible that the registration happends by scanning of the E-ID's of different members of the family. The development of the registrationrequest can happend automatically or if requested, only after approval from administration. After the approval, the user gets his userID and password mailed to him.

  • The registration is processed by the central administration, where the child's file gets registerd after an intake-conversation with the parents. Again the E-ID can be used to register the contact details.

There are two options to register those who are absent during activities:

  • the i-School registrationmodule : an user friendly tablet-application

  • i-Scan : registration of those who are present by scanning (fingerprint, badges, pincodes,...) can be linked to access security

Both systems can be combined without any problems.

All registerd transactions are automatically assigned to the payer during the periodic billing (if necessary after dividing the costs between parties, based on dividingshemes). The billnotification happends by mail and can even be consulted on the i-School portal.

i-School is equipped with the possibility to automatically generate tax certificates. Split per payer and taking in account with payments. these tax certificates can be downloaded on the i-School portal.

i-School can be linked with your book-keeping by export of customers and bills. If you track the payments in your book-keeping and want to have this information available in i-School, it is possible to import this if your bookkeeping consists of an exportopportunity. i-School is able to import CODA-files, meaning there is an direct track of payments in i-School.

And last but not least: i-School is equipped with countless numbers of rapporting mediums: Kind & Gezin, FCUD, ... and it also has an own reportgenerator: i-Quest


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