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i-Rent is a multifunctional reservationsystem, where you can define your own objecttypes (for example: Courts, Terrains, Teachers, ...). For each objecttype, there can be defined more precise objects (for example: Big courts, Championship Terrains, Pro Jan Jansens, ...). And for these objects, a calendar with availabilities can be created. You can decide for yourself how long one reservation is( half an hour, an hour, half a day,...).

The software exist of an administrative and a public portal. Where you can consult the offers, enlist and if desired: pay on-line.

i-Rent is a very user-friendly internet-application; comparable with i-School.

The i-Rent portal has the same functions as the i-School portal. The customer has the choice to work with two seperate portals or with one collective portal. That includes both the i-School as the i-Rent calender.


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