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i-School is a devil-does-all

i-School is a unique tool for schools and after-school care. This system will save you a lot of time. No more enlisting and counting.

Absence, drinks, meals, and more. You can enlist in a simple way, using computer or tablet. Parents can enlist their kids online for daycare, activities, snakcs, drinks, ... And i-School keeps track of the bills. No more annoying procedures. i-School is pleasant to use, even for those who don't have IT-fingers.

Your cash-flow depends on a fast payment

De bills are automatically and well-timed made, depending on what is registerd. Online or on paper, as you or the parents prefer. Because you know it: accurate bills are payed faster. This is good for your budget.

Usefull extra's

i-School also contains the modules i-Quest and i-Doc. Using i-Quest, you can create searching questions for all your records (for example: all payers, all children of a certain age, ...).

i-Doc offers you the opportunity to send mails and letters to selections of the children- and payers-files.

i-Rent for more efficiency

Does your town or community puts rooms, terrains or material available? Renting or lending out ask for a lot of administration without a doubt.

Do you sometimes think: "this can be easyer and more efficienct"? We would recommend our brand-new i-Rent program. We developped it especially for citys and communities.

i-Rent and the advantages of it

These are your advantages when you are using our i-Rent software: 

  • Simplified reservation, renting, lending out of rooms, terrains, urge gates, tables and chairs, ...
  • Easy billing to your customers is provided
  • Easy to use, for you AND the customer
  • Available 24/7, no maintenance of the software
  • Budget-friendly

Regarding the reliability, we can comfort you. Over 50 cities and communities are already using our other tool i-School, for reserving and billing of schoolactivities. We have used this experience for our new tool: i-Rent.


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